What Is a Bail Bond?

What Is a Bail Bond?

Understand why you need the help of a Wichita Falls, TX bail bonds agent

It’s your first time getting into legal trouble, and you don’t know what to expect. How long do you have to stay in jail? Will you have enough money to be released? When do you have to be in court? The Wichita Falls, TX bail bonds agents at Mom's Bail Bonds will answer all these questions and more.

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How does a bail bond work?

When you’re arrested and sent to jail, you must wait until your court date, or you can post bail to be released. The amount of bail is based on the severity of your crime and the amount of times you’ve been arrested. If you don’t have enough money to cover bail, you can call a bail bonds agency to assist you.

We’ll pay the amount of the bail, and from that point forward, we must make sure that you’re in court for your scheduled court date. If you do not appear for your court date, the court keeps the bail we posted.

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